EBL News 07/17/2017

Hello EBL Teams, Upload Problems Nia should have fixed the problem with the screenshot but some problems still remain. We are on it and try to »

EBL News 07/05/2017

Helle EBL Teams, welcome to Beta Season 9. ALL Star Game We are changing the ALL Star Game to be played after a season because of »

EBL News 06/27/2017

Hello EBL Teams, even though EisFrei is doing the programming, I feel little helpful in the development process. Nevertheless, I have different qualities. Since I have »

EBL News 06/23/2017

Hello EBL Teams, I hope the new experience of having three teams in a final was good and something you liked. Each and every team told »

EBL News 06/20/2017

Hello EBL Teams, it has been a pretty tough weekend for the EBL Team. Why? Last week EisFrei wrote me a message that he is coming »