EBL News 04/24/2017

Hello EBL Teams, Beta Season Six is almost over and before this is happening, we will have our monthly All Star Game on the 25th of »

EBL News 04/20/2017

Hello EBL Teams, yesterday has been a nice day. I agree the weather wasn´t the best but the final game of the playoffs has been »

EBL News 04/14/2017

Happy Eastern EBL Teams and readers, yesterday I checked on the EBL and i had had to laugh. IENS had a great idea. They changed their »

EBL News 04/11/2017

Hello EBL Teams, the quarter finals are over and 4 teams are heading into the semi finals. All four teams already played in a semi final »

EBL News 04/08/2017

Hello EBL Teams, team EKB_New Wave contacted me because they did want to play the next game but against such a strong team like SDHD »